West Seattle Bike Connections



Who We Are

West Seattle Bike Connections is a group of neighbors like you who are working to make their streets safer and more comfortable for everybody. We are an all-volunteer community organization. We formed in 2012, to give West Seattle a voice in development of the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan.  Since then, we have continued to advocate for transportation needs, building relationships with community groups, city agencies, elected representatives, business associations, and others. We meet once a month; have an active Google Group; and a Facebook and Twitter presence. We go on fun social rides that are usually family-friendly – most notably our West Seattle mini-STP. Our members get involved with school bike rodeos, community festivals, Bike Everywhere month, and DIY work parties on trails. We support each other!

We are a member group of the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Coalition, the District 1 Community Network(D1CN) and the Leafline Trails Coalition.

Some of Our Current Projects

  • West Marginal Way SW: Today bike riders wishing to connect to the Duwamish Trail must share a narrow sidewalk with pedestrians alongside speeding traffic and freight trucks. This project will convert a southbound traffic lane to a two-way protected bike lane at the north end of WMW, and improve safety for all users.
  • Fauntleroy Way Boulevard: This fully-designed project will improve the pedestrian environment, add trees to a car-centric road, and add protected bike lanes. Sound Transit 3 planning delayed the project. We will not let it be forgotten!
  • High Point to Highland Park to South Park:  We need a safe bike route down from High Point to Delridge, up to Highland Park, and down to the Duwamish Trail to connect West Seattle from east to west. We want SDOT to start planning this citywide high priority route on Sylvan, Orchard and Highland Park Way now!


Our Victories

  • East Marginal Way S: This project will add protected lanes between West Seattle and Downtown. Our members were very involved in refining the design, drawing on our decades of experience with the corridor. This involved building relationships and goodwill with the freight community. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2022 or early 2023.
  • West Seattle Neighborhood Greenway: This greenway connects the southernmost end of West Seattle to the Alaska Junction. When a future extension reaches the Admiral Junction, there will be a low-stress biking and walking north-south route through the middle of the peninsula.

Get Involved!

Visit us at our website westseattlebikeconnections.org, on Twitter @WSeaBikeConnect, and on Facebook.  Email us at westseattlebikeconnections@gmail.com